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My story


My name is Brook McCandler. I’m a videographer and photographer living in Bristol. As an only child who grew up in rural Somerset, I could often be found up trees or exploring woodlands. I was constantly intrigued by the world around me. Creativity was quite an integral part of my childhood and after getting my first camcorder I began to document my family, friends and all our travels and adventures.


My passion of filmmaking took me to the Welsh coastal town of Aberystwyth to study film. From big TV production to small-scale film shoots I have a varied background in this industry, Recently I have been working as the head of video at a major magazine publishing house, producing hundreds of short form films for wedding, beauty and specialist interest magazines. You can find some examples of my work here or on my personal website brookmccandler.co.uk


The natural progression was to work independently to create films made with love and full of personality.

My approach


I will always take the time to get to know you both prior to your wedding day. We are all unique; our backgrounds, lifestyle and interests are different and I will ensure I reflect that in your wedding film. No cookie-cutter films here.


Our discreet and unobtrusive approach will allow your day to organically unfold before the camera. This will show your family and friends at their most relaxed, beautiful and full of joy.


The importance lies in crafting a film that reflects your story – unique and meaningful.


If you’re curious to find out more information and examples of our work, come this a-way.